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Critical Reading & Writing MS (Summer)

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Critical Reading and Writing fulfills several aims:

  • to deepen awareness and control of the writing craft
  • to adapt writing techniques for different modes of writing
  • to develop approaches to reading actively and analytically

The course is intended to build a strong foundation that is relevant to a student’s immediate and long-term academic future. To do so, the course offers a methodical yet engaging approach. First, there is a focus on the elements of craft, such as diction, syntax, structure and emphasis. Next, there is the intensive study of mentor texts across a variety of genres: argument, exposition, research writing, and critical analysis. One of the very best ways to learn and develop strong reading and writing skills is through the study of mentor texts. Finally, there is the application stage. Students apply newly learned techniques in their own work. For all types of writing there is an ongoing commitment to proper and effective language use. Students will be guided towards a stronger control over the conventions of standard English--grammar and mechanics. To further address reading skills, class time will include a seminar mode that is common in humanities courses at all of the proceeding grade levels. In addition to the intensive close reading analysis, students will develop their ability through these seminars, which focus on specific topics and relevant questions.Ultimately, students will finish the course with stronger abilities in critical reading and writing, thanks to ongoing teacher feedback, a methodical learning approach, and exposure to a wide variety of genres for both reading and writing.


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