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Booming Minds Students accepted at least one of their dream schools

10 X

With our professional guidance, the acceptance rate at the Top 10 schools is 10 times higher than the general applicants

Customized Profile

We assess each student's strengths to sculpt a personalized profile, uniquely tailoring their path to college success

College Essay

We collaborate with students to develop personalized college essays that align perfectly with their majors

Who are we?

Our team includes:

Former Admissions Officer of the top 30 universities in the United States; Former Admissions Officer of a private high school in the east of the United States, Head of the Department of American High School, AP teacher of different subjects on the College Board, Senior Consultant for more than 15 years, Professional Coach for various competitions, Research teams from top universities and R&D institutions.

College Counseling and Application Services

1. Matching your major and school (extracurricular/competitive programs, finding your strengths, interview prep, waitlist support)

2. Background improvement (GPA improvement, AP course selection, magnifying advantages and specialties, and clearly positioning the application direction)

3. Application process (transcript review, college essay, activity checklist, letters of recommendation, scholarships)


Private Schools Application Services

1. Personalized Counseling

2. School List Selection

3. Application Support, including essays and interview

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Real Differences to Make

Real professionals to teach, real productive time to spend, real quality to rely on, and real differences to make!

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