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Book Club & Creative Writing (G5-6)

Learn to enhance your reading and writing skills while focusing on expanding your knowledge in different genres by practicing different reading passages.

For 5-6th Graders

Class duration: 1 hr. 2 Meets/wk. Total 28 Classes

Price: $700

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The basis of all human interaction is through literature and writing. Great leaders throughout the world start from humble words, manifesting them into sentences, books, and bibles of thought to be shared. In this course, students will learn basic English strategies to turn their writing into beautiful pieces of art that utilize the deepest recesses of their imagination. In becoming stronger writers, students will also learn to develop the vocabulary and critical thinking skills necessary to discuss reading in advanced ways. Students can expect to spend time reading exciting books, discussing what they’ve read, and attempting to parallel strategies they have read about in their own creative pieces.

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